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Protecting your information wants their visitors to feel confident and secure whenever disclosing personal information, such as a credit card number, within the website. Thus, is affiliated with the VeriSign Secure Site Seal. This program guarantees that information sent throughout the website is protected from any outside access.

Since is a VeriSign Secure Site, we guarantee the following: has a VeriSign Secure Server ID. Verisign
VeriSign has verified the organization's right to utilize it. website is legitimately operated.
All the information that passes through this website is done by way of a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) session, where your personal information (credit card number, name, address, and telephone number) is encrypted before being sent through the Internet.

To be sure that is a Verisign Secure Site, verify the following:

The Verisign seal appears on each secure page of Gotolatin (at the beginning of the page), with a link to the certificate given to by Verisign. The information laid out on this page must contain facts about the name, status, and validation period of the certificate and information about the server. The status of the website must appear valid and within the validation period.
The URL where the Verisign certificate appears must be
Make sure there is a picture of a padlock on the lower bar of your Internet navigator when you are on a page that asks you to provide delicate information. Once you click on this image, a pop-up will appear with information about the secure site.

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