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Chile Nightlife Guide : The Most Popular Clubs in Chile

Hit the clubs, eat, drink, and experience the party like a Chilean.

In this post, I will give you the places to go to and begin a real show like a local Chilean. Here is your Chile nightlife guide for the most popular clubs in Chile.

The Most Popular Clubs in Chile

Bar Medanoso

Location: Av. José Alcalde Deláno 10425, Metropolitana de Santiago 

Contact no.:+56 22 7599877

The first rooftop bar of the Dehesa, the Medanoso Bar, is the best place to enjoy a spectacular outdoor place, with the best appetizers, snacks, and dishes to your choice. In this bar, you can find various events such as a Magical Bulleit Bourbon and others. Moreover, the dishes vary from exotic meats to salads to share. The bar opens from Monday (1:00pm to 1:00am) and on Thursdays (1:00pm to 3:00am)

The Medanoso Bar is the first rooftop bar of the Dehesa, where you can enjoy a spectacular outdoor terrace, with the best snacks and dishes to your liking.

Lolita Jones

Location: Alonso de Cordova 4355, local 302 , Vitacura

Contact no.: +562 3323 4200

Lolita Jones is one of the best bars to drop by if you want to experience the daring spirit and taste the best of Mexican street food. Their cocktail menu boasts its original touches that range from eccentric liquors to the author’s creations. An open, cosmopolitan place, you can surely eat, peck, or relax in the largest outdoor bar in Chile, whether alone or accompanied.

Enjoy the sophisticated Mexican street food, rediscover the classic Latin American tapas, and try the bold touch of their fierce food. Food preparations are made at home, where the corn is processed here too. You know that fresh tortillas come and go upon your order.


Location: Av Vitacura 5336, Vitacura, Metropolitana de Santiago

Contact No: +56 9 8138 1965

Located in Vitacura, Taringa offers the best drinks and excellent snacks like pizzas in Santiago. In comparison to other pubs, the size of their piscolas is more generous.

This cool place is an excellent alternative to start the night and then continue dancing to Bar Candelaria or other nearby clubs.

Casa Lastarrias

Location: Lastarria 70, Lastarrias, Metropolitana de Santiago

Contact No.: +56 (02) 2 638 3236

The gateway to the cultural heart of the city of Santiago is Casa Lastarria restaurant. Between charming corners and narrow streets, a cozy stone castle opens up, the best place to share and taste their food. Casa Lastarrias has three levels with perfect spaces to enjoy the best of each conversation.

On the second floor is the bar where you can enjoy an authentic amazing tapas and cocktail bar. This is a great space for musical or any social events. The upper terrace is a small luxury and a must-to-go for those who visit Santiago.

Bar Ciudadano

Location: Seminario 400, Santiago, Metropolitana de Santiago

Contact No.: +56 (2) 2248 9548

Bar Ciudadano is a new and modern alternative to enjoy traditional Italian cuisine with a mixture of other cuisines. In this place, you can find a variety of preparations that are continuously renewed.

A warm ambiance, which grows between wooden beams that frame each space, bricks in sight recall previous times. Ideal to celebrate birthdays, got with a family on weekends, or sit at the bar with a good whiskey between hands.

On the second floor of Bar Ciudadano is a place to getaway. A fresh and relaxed space will lead you to the warm and joyous summer nights.

Bar Manio

Location: Paseo El Manio 1665 , Vitacura , Metropolitana de Santiago

Contact No.: +56 (2) 2207 5687

The menu of Bar Manio is based on rediscovering flavours and aromas, which complements the cold season, with new twists and combinations. Their signature cocktails take clients to an unforgettable experience with its good ambiance.

Bar Manio’s cuisine is based on the format of tapas, where your ordered dishes are shared at the centre of the table accompanied by a cocktail bar. Bar Manio use products of origin and quality and apply different techniques to get the best preparation for their recipes.

Bar Manio takes pride in its food rich in pure and intense flavours, excellent price-quality, and friendly service.

Bar La Junta

Location: Local 5, Jose Victorino Lastarria 70, Santiago

Contact No.: +56 2 2638 6864

When it comes to storing beer in ponds, Bar La Junta stands out as their pipelines go directly to the bar. In his menu, it is possible to find alternatives to share such as Patagonian Sandwich, Pizza de la Chacra, and la Rioja Tapa, made with lamb loin and buttery cheese as the main ingredients.

Sarita Colonia

Location: Loreto 40, Recoleta, Metropolitana de Santiago

Contact No.: +56 (2) 2881 3937

Born in the year 2000 is Sarita Colonia restaurant, a neighbourhood of Bellavista in Santiago de Chile. This becomes the “must” of the Santiago artistic scene, and the SaritaLovers appear.

Four years after it opened, the store closed, and ViudosdeSarita appeared. However, many demanded its reopening. Jose Salkeld and Gino Falcone head the new premises collaborated with different chefs and artists in this new proposal. This is how Sarita Colonia Peruvian Transvestite Cuisine came up. This became a place where maximalism and dementia Kitsch are expressed to share different stories with topics about religion, life, death, gastronomy, and friendship.


Location: Jose Victorino Lastarria 276 , Lastarrias, Metropolitana de Santiago

Contact No.: +56 2 2638 9893

Bocanariz is a place for locals and tourists who love wine. This located in the heart of the most beautiful heritage district of the city.

Bocanariz is a wine bar and innovative restaurant in one. The gastronomy here is designed to enhance the pairing with their wide selection of wines. Attended by a trained team of sommeliers and owners, the atmosphere is casual and warm, where the magic of restored house and technology combined to deliver an excellent service.

Chipe Libre

Location: Jose Victorino Lastarria 282, Lastarrias, Metropolitana de Santiago

Contact No.: +56 (2) 2664 0584

Chipe Libre is a restaurant and pisco bar inspired by different regions with Pisco designation of origin globally, which is North of Chile and South of Peru. Its name responds to its specialty, pisco from Chile and Peru, located in Santiago’s centre.

An environment is an ideal place to enjoy with friends, as a couple, or to make a business lunch. Everything is made of wood, and both the decorative accessories and walls are rustic, the good lighting of the place is relaxing and gives a harmonious feeling. Its menu has 65 types of Chilean and Peruvian piscos in various preparations perfect with their section of original drinks, wines, and a variety of desserts.


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