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How to Build a Freelance Career while Traveling the World?

Freelancing has many perks compared to other jobs available. Almost every day, the freelancing world welcomes new entrants who find working 9-to-5 jobs boring already.

Freelancing doesn’t only let your work comfortably without even leaving your bed – it also lets you save on your cost of living as you are not required to live in a specific state or city for the sake of your job.

What is more exciting and interesting is that this gives you the freedom to travel around the world while allowing you to work at the same time. However, there are times when you cannot provide the luxury of giving yourself a day off or paid sick days. Also, freelancing is like your regular jobs that would require your complete dedication and devotion. You need to do time management really well.

So, if you wonder how to build a freelance career while traveling the world, here are some important things to help you achieve that.

Build a Freelance Career

1. Develop a Skill and Find a Client

One of the benefits of freelancing is you are not limited to work on a specific job or skill set. Before you reach the stage where you can think about traveling while working, find the skill that can help you earn money while traveling.

There are many types of work as freelancers, such as travel bloggers or writers, photographers, customer support, data entry specialists, and virtual assistants.

Not only that, but there are also other options available for freelance work. However, most people prefer freelance writing as it’s interesting, covers a broad range of subjects, more comfortable to do, and pays you well.

You can also choose from various projects as a freelance writer. You can decide to become an article writer, blogger, academic writer, travel writer, or an essay writer – whichever you are comfortable with.

So, if you are having a difficult time knowing your strengths, start off freelance writing opportunities to try. For that, it would be best if you create professional profiles on various freelance writing websites. Then, search for jobs and practice your writing skills so you can build a strong portfolio.

As soon as you can start getting contracts, keep on working to acquire more clients until you get regular work that pays you well. Once you reach this point, you can start traveling the world while making a decent income.

2. Plan Your Work

Have a calendar or any scheduling apps to list your deadlines. Before you travel, set a couple of days before you go away to finish the most critical deadlines before you leave and do those other tasks that you are comfortable working while on the road. As a freelancer, it is essential to prioritize projects well.

Writers have their certain kind of writing mood better in some places than others. For some types of writing, others prefer loud, noisy café as the music fuels their creativity. In some situations, writers want to be in a library or a spacy room where you can shut the door and the external noise to focus. You know how you can do your best, so decide what you want to finish before leaving for a trip.

For the things you need to bring on your trip, make an inventory of what you will need. Yes, a laptop is usually the number one item on your list. If you need other resources like books, pens, or papers, include them too. Create a list and check off each time you go, as if you were packing your bag.

3. Check Out Your Surroundings

With the internet, there is no excuse for not working wherever you go. Do your research and find out whether the hotel, coworking spaces, or cafes nearby has reliable Wi-Fi. Google it up, as I said, there is no excuse not to be prepared.

For the inventory, make sure you save all the materials you need. For example, if you need photos or documents, save them to your computer. Do not just rely on the Wi-Fi on the location you are going to; it is still better to be diligent, anyway.

4. Be Honest with Your Clients

When you go on a vacation, it would be great to keep in touch with your clients. You may not be sending them snapchats or postcards for your tourist discoveries, but think that it is nice to let them know that you are away from your home base for some time.

Send your clients an email and let them know the dates you will be out of town and when you will be back. Ask if any rush projects need to be done before you leave. Definitely, follow them up with an email so you have proof in writing that you have told your clients for departure.

5. Set Aside Time

There is an advantage of traveling whenever you can, however, since you still have to get work done, make sure you set a time to finish your work so you can enjoy the travels.

Perhaps, it can be after your lunch or dinner. For some, you can bring your work while on the bus, train, plane, or boat. Make a scheduled time to accomplish your task to lessen the burden from your shoulders and allow you to spend the time on being a tourist.

6. Conduct Online Tuition

Even if you are traveling, everyone can make a living by doing part-time employment. This shift in the job market translated into higher employment opportunities for digital nomads. If you are reading this post to learn about building a freelance career while traveling, some people seek online experts to upskill themselves.

Are you a good professional photographer who has a good work portfolio? If yes, then you can teach the newbies about the different aspects of photography. For example, you can write an article or post a vlog where you can inform them of the photography techniques in various light settings.

Basically, whatever skill you have, you can sell your knowledge to people and earn money at the same time.

7. Post Videos On YouTube

YouTube is a huge platform for traveling enthusiasts to sell their skills and talent. Whether you are a gadget-savvy or a gifted musician, YouTube is the best platform to showcase your knowledge, talent, or skill and get the quick attention of the people.

Some people use YouTube to share their experiences with a product. If you have writing skills or want to improve it, then this can help you with that gig. Since you are writing, you can create an article about the product before you take out your camcorder and make a video. It helps you organize your thoughts. After you finish writing, list down the pros and cons of that product, and share it with the audience.

YouTube is also your best if you want to educate people about your expertise. If you are a traveler, you may consider sharing the city’s highlights. Once the people start subscribing to your channel, you will start getting paid ads on your channel which will help you make good money.

8. Sell Your Photography Skills

If you have professional photography skills, then you can make a career as a freelance photographer. Using your online portfolio, you can pitch yourself so people can evaluate your expertise.

You can also set up a photoblog where you can put up the best travel shots. You can also click photos of some tourist attractions and sell them to travel bloggers. If people like them, they will buy it and you will make money.

However, photography is a huge industry and it is being saturated with many freelance photographers too. So aside from the photography skills you have, you also need to have astute marketing skills to sell yourself well.

The Take-Away

Freelancing is a career that works best for satisfying your passion for traveling the world. With the access of the internet worldwide, you can freelance anytime, anywhere you want. Whatever your option is, either freelance writing or freelance photography can make you earn around $3,000 to $30,000 a month.

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