Late Night Restaurants in Chile: Great Spots that Open Past Midnight

One distressing habit that once can acquire living in Chile is detouring on the way back home from a heavy night out drinking beers for a carb-heavy pit stop. For the complete newcomers to the late Munchies scene, there is a huge chance of becoming a total convert.

If you are a university student who never used to get take-away, going to Chile may lead to a whole different story: nights out will end at 5 am, by which time your stomach is ready for its next pit of pan y palta. As long as you avoid the street sellers offering sopaipilla and completes, a lot of the late-night food you will find in Chile isn’t just edible but also delicious.

If you are prone to the odd post-party carb craving, here are some late-night restaurants in Chile to eat.

Late Night Restaurants in Chile


Maskepan name means “more than bread.” In this restaurant, only French fries are the only non-bread item you will order in this tiny joint. There is more to like about this place: the high stools at the counter, the halogen lighting, and the public bathroom-style white tiles on the walls.

A must-try food here is the Maskepan’s pollo italiano (italiano meaning avocado, tomato, and mayonnaise). Unlike other versions of this classic food, their chicken sandwich is fresh tasting and avoids the common unpleasant mayo swamping. Maskepan’s churrasco is another good bet because of its high-quality and juicy beef thinly sliced in a bun.

Casa de Cena

Casa de Cena, just like the Maskepan, is also a one-of-a-kind gem. Situated on a side street in the center of Santiago near Baquedano metro station, Casa de Cena has entered into Santiago folklore since it may not be the only eatery in the city, which stays open until 5 am. But what makes this restaurant unique is that it has white tablecloths and oil paintings hanging from mahogany wall panels.

Going inside will make you feel as you have traveled back to colonial times. Even five minutes after eating their empanadas, you will struggle to get used to the sheer incongruity of the restaurant’s furnishing and the late opening hours.

Their menu is long and only serves traditional Chilean dishes, but they are good. Their portions here are generous. If you decided to go here, try their pavo Asado (grilled turkey), lomito de cerdo al horno (roast pork loin, and the pastel de choclo (sweetcorn pie, which comes with Duchess potatoes and apple puree. Who would have thought that late-night munchies cannot be classy?

El Gusto Peruano

Most people acknowledge that a fresh plate of ceviche is the best cure for a hangover. It sounds different as you may think that eating a plate of raw fish cured in lemon juice would be the last thing you would want when you are not feeling well. But trust me, this works.

El Gusto Peruano is one of the best Peruvian restaurants that serve great ceviche. Their ceviche de pescado here is tender, refreshing, and might be your all-time favorite dishes in Chile. If you are feeling extra, you can ask for a glass of Leche de tigre – the base of ceviche. The leftover marinade is a mix of citrus juice, chili and fish stock, and garnished with cancha and prawns floating on top. Be cautious as this is not for the faint-hearted.

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